Every fairytale has a beginning and this is ours.

Once upon a time in the city of Canton Ohio, there was a lovely bird named Laura. Growing up, instead of hours of television and video games, Laura played with glitter and crayons. The freedom of what she could create with her own imagination filled her childhood. She would leave the nest to study design in the city of Cincinnati, and it was there that the story of Wolf and Bird begins.


While in school, Laura met a large family of Wolfs. A very close family, they loved any reason to throw a party and celebrate life. It was a particular Wolf named Bryan that caught this Bird’s eye. While this love story unfolded, another lifelong friendship was forged.


Bryan’s cousin, Emily, had spent her life turning every normal day into a party, and every party into the most grandiose celebration. ­­She turned this love for planning into a business degree and would open a business in the outdoor industry in 2010.


Laura and Emily immediately bonded over their mutual creativity, imagination, energy, and love for throwing an awesome party. Laura would go on to work in the design industry. In 2014, Laura married Bryan and became part of the Wolf pack. Laura would create a completely personalized wedding celebration that was nothing less than spectacular. Full of unique details, it truly told their love story.


In the twelve months Laura and Emily spent planning, they became an extraordinary creative force. As a duo, they would go on to design, style, and plan dozens of weddings and parties. This inspired them to create Wolf and Bird Events. Wolf and Bird symbolizes the imagination and the fairytale feeling that Laura and Emily bring to each and every one of their events. Together, they want to tell your perfect story.


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