Augusta, Kentucky

This styled bridal shoot was designed to reflect an intimate wedding nestled within the rustic hills of Northern Kentucky on a cherished family farm. Our goal was to redefine the pastoral notion of a countryside wedding by incorporating delicate sophistication, a bold color palette and elegant textures. The storyline developed around the bride, Heather, and her future groom, Brandon, who met as children.  To honor and celebrate their long history growing up together on this farm, they decided to return home to their roots for their wedding day. They placed this cherished land and all their fond memories at the heart of everything. Each detail of design and styling was done through the lens of Brandon and Heather. Blending family heirlooms from her grandmother’s farmhouse and their mutual love for antique furnishings, they built a captivating setting for the next chapter of their love story to begin. From the candlesticks and vintage china to the antique floral patterns on her mother’s wedding gown, this styled shoot undeniably speaks to a deep appreciation for the couple’s history and family treasures. We wanted this shoot to embody an exquisite blend of past and present and inspire couples to integrate the things they truly hold dear into their wedding day.